New Spookydirt release – ‘Hotei Arcūs’


Hotei Arcūs

The latest Spookydirt release ‘Hotei Arcūs’ is now for sale at emusic for just one download credit.

It can also be purchased from iTUNES

Amazon customers can buy it HERE for just 69p

You can buy it from Amie Street also, if you are that way inclined. At the moment, that is the cheapest way to get it – $0.15, although this may go up soon.

If you’re doing a search for it on the web, you’re better off typing spookydirt rather than the title, as most stores show it as ‘Hotei Arc?s’ because I used a ‘ū’ when I could’ve just used anormal ‘u’ and that would have been ok. For some reason Emusic shows the correct characters, as does Amie Street. I’ll know for next time, eh?


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