What’s been happening?

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What’s been happening? Not a lot, lately.

Since the burst of activity in the summer (where they covered a couple of Gavin Clark songs), Mink15 have been working on an acoustic EP, for which they have finished four songs already. There is also a nice new Mink15 home page, if you haven’t seen it.

Spookydirt also had a productive year, and is now taking a break. Check out his collection of probability-based ambient music at spookydirt’s bandcamp page.


’68’ is here!

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The latest spookydirt album is here: ’68’ is over 50 minutes of minimalist ambient drones and floaty noises. ‘one’ is over 25 minutes long. ‘two’ is probability-based generated music. ‘three’ has synths fed through a Vox AC30 guitar amplifier.

This album is probably best listened to at low volume levels, let the sounds creep into the room and into your mind, rather that blast it out. (Plus, it gets louder and I wouldn’t want you to blow up your speakers).

released 15 May 2011

It is named for the BPM of the track.

Something new on the way…

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Coming very soon, a new album from spookydirt.  It has 3 tracks, and is over 50 minutes long. So, some quite long tracks there.

Expect a release sometime this week.

Free Mink15 track

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Yes, that is right – free.

One of the standout tracks on ‘Gone’ is the track ‘Gone… and Back’, a shorter version can be listened to – or downloaded free- using this widget you see below.*

*No widget? go here

Mink15 – ‘Gone’

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I think I forgot to post this, which is unforgivable.

NEW MINK15 ALBUM!!!!!!!!

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It is available as a download or an actual CD (cd-r, ‘handmade’ sleeve and so on…) for a very reasonable price 🙂

The cover photo is of a Shrewsbury bridge taken from a funny angle – Andy being ‘arty’ again…

Spookydirt on CD Baby

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I’m now releasing some music through CD baby, starting with HaiddFlux Rope and Eta Carinae. Downloads can still be found on Emusic, Amazon, iTunes, etc

There probably won’t be any new Spookydirt ambient for a while, as I am busy (again) working on the Mink15 album.

Eta Carinae

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By the time you read this Eta Carinae should be live on many download stores including Emusic, Amazon and CDbaby.

Eagle-eyed persons will have noticed that the artwork has changed. Slightly.

Eta Carinae cover image

Spookydirt ‘One Year: A Collection’

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All of Spookydirt’s releases from 2009 have now been collected into this lovely compilation ‘One Year: A Collection’. This 12-track album features:

  • Fake Universe
  • Hotei Arcus
  • Dark Flow
  • Flux Rope

It can be purchased for a minimum of only £3 by clicking on BUY on the widget or listened to for free using the widget.

Hotei Arcus can still be purchased separated on Amazon, iTunes, etc


‘Birdy and Salvo’ is here!

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It has taken ages, but this track is – we think – finished. We hope you like it.

Mink15 – ‘Beautiful’

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Mink15’s new song Beautiful‘ is out now, with a remix for the b-side called ‘Christmas Beetles. This is the first Mink15 track to feature the great guitar playing of Rob Kearns.